Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Thanks to Tracy for sending in this little beauty!! I must say that i am very impressed with the new poster campaign...I spent weeks hitting the weights with a personal trainer and i am really chuffed with the final for KC he looks like a twix on steroids..jesus those pants are frightening...we are offering free counselling with every view!!!

Check out this note a mate sent me from London...He said the Coppers came out of the shop and started pissing themselves so he went and took a pic. It reads: "For sale, one owner, no parking restrictions, no speed cameras. Phone Bill - 999"

A new clothing line from Amy Winehouse...CRACK.

BEST ADVERT EVER!!! Seen on the side of a bus it's an ad for a Shark series on Nartional Geographic...this is whemn advertising execs actually earn their money.

And if you're bored waste a few mins doing this 'SMART TEST'

Don't worry if ye get a few wrong it just means you're a thick shit...ENJOY

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