Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Here's a pic of me last week on my sick bed in bits..."Hold on what's that smell...C'mere have i got the wrong thermometer...ah jaysus its a rectal....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Okay drum roll........dddddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...Hope your seated comfortably, put the kettle on, the slippers on da feet, the pipe in the mouth and pull the curtains.....It's time for Lenny's Photo Album official opening...Okay just have to turn the slide machine on....Click, Whirrrrr....Before i was struck down with a pretty virulent strain of "ManCold" i had spent the weekend in the fine city of Budapest...Here are a few of the select moments from me trip:

A large building in Budapest...they really like their big feckin buildings!

Hotel at night...wouldn't like to be paying the electricity bill in that joint

This is an old Chess Master who hung around the local market looking to take on any suckers at a game of cranium busting Chess...He found a willing volunteer in this child...The last image i recall from this scene is a blubbering, screaming adolescent forcibly having to hand over several chocolate bars and a Nintendo DS...The moral here being - don't fuck with oldies.

Local Blacksmith who reminded me of something from LOTR or Beowulf. He
looked like he could eat nails for Brekkie and with only a sprinkle of milk...Tough

Borat's brother is a huge pop star in Hungary...NICE!

Ah...getting to know the locals. I heard one of them say "Ah, that Lenny he is card, yes"

Back home to see this greet me...It's the RedFM Grotto!!!!!!!!

Meeting Santa...hold on i hope that's your wallet fat man

Big massive shout out to my cousin Richie Barry who spotted this Take Away in Cairns on the East coast of Oz..."C'mere biy any chance of a potato pie?"

And finally, i caught up with Bono in Budapest...His ego has now got so big he has decided to become all four members of U2 himself starting with the Edge...i hear his leg will become Larry Mullen...scary.


EYE! said...

Ha ha, you are a bit of a comic genius, if I may confirm so having looked at the content of your blog.
Nice pics of Budapest by the way, never been but maybe one day... You lucky chap! (being able to sit with Santa, that is)

Similarities on our profile I believe..

Cheerio Mr from the 'red-bird-wave' of Cork.

Marcia said...

Adorei esta foto, criatividade estupenda.