Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Well i got plugged in over the weekend and yet again the ELECTRIC PICNIC was a resounding success. It is the only true festival out there that doesn't put profit in front of punters and that was evident this year with a huge selection excellent music, sideshows and affordable food...I think one of the highlights for me was the 'HUMAN JUKEBOX' it consisted of three blokes (Bass, Drums and Guitar) dressed in zebra print spandex and huge shades inside a box no bigger than a small caravan shaped like a activate all you had to do was put some coins in a slot at the front and choose your track and they would play it LIVE!!! I through on the anthem Gaybar by Electric Six and they banged it out..CLASS!!! Oh yeah and dont forget Spiderman spotted by the Veggy stand cueing for a tofu treat with a line of bog roll sticking out of his pants...Peter (potty) Parker.... uuummmmmmm i cant see him doing much climbing if he has the skitters...

If you went yourself i hope you had a brill time but obviously i have to mention the unfortunate death of the young man from Cork who died during the Festival.. its a real tragedy.

I didnt take any photos cos i lost my camera...ummppphhh

So here's a picture of a sheep dressed up as an elephant...this should suffice

Here's a clip from a new reality show called KID NATION starting this week on American far will they go for ratings???

"Hello and welcome to the latest instalment of Serial Killer Big Brother. It's getting tense as we are only down to three bodies...." 10 o Clock on a Saturday just after Ant & Dec's Takeaway it would be snapped up.

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