Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm writing this while i am cycling back from the shops with some messages for me Ma so ... whhoooooo... iiiiiiilllllll hhavvvee to watch the potholes in the road...

Have got a bag on either side of the handlebars so it's balanced out and the laptop is around the neck like one of those huge pens that you can buy.......whhhoooooo .....eeeeaaaaassssssyyyyyyyy.........what the ffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!

jjjjjjjayyyysssssuuuuusssssss ... Cork County Council really need to sort those feckin pot holes out.... my God.......... Anyhooo hope ye are alll well and Auntie Floretta just wanna thank you for reading my Blog every day and yes people will now start reading it too... thanks for the help with the flyers down the Care Home it all helps...

Hope ye heard the wind up during the week...Pat the Faker rang up a Garage about a petrol leak and then checks it with a lighter, he's not the brightest button on the jacket... basically he's a tool!!!! It was a real laugh... yer man on the other end of the line was mortified!! But it turned out pretty funny...We Hope!!

Pick of the week Mika was a big hit with listeners with loads of ye texting... he will be massive in 007 big time.....

Pick for this week is a dramatic swinging kinda love anthem from a soulful chap called Duke Special.. its excellent stuff and they're Irish so bonus!!

Thats enough for me hears a pic of me on me bike....WAHEY!!!!


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