Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jaysus well hows the craic of yer arse?!! Haven't added to me logbook in a little while...apologies for dat dere but i have been away saving Donkeys in the lower basins of the Amazon... they are a very rare breed that sick up custard that can be used to transport the Very Rare Custard Fly to surrounding villages and they in turn help to save the annual Trifle Ceremony which is as important as Christmas in these remote parts.....

Apart from all that shite .. i don't loike to brag on about my voluntary work... Well last we we had the BALLYDUNG PErves on the show....(its so annoying when ye hit caps) anyway twas the most nervous i have been with any guests purely because the same boyos did Zig & Zag ... man i used to run home after school..burst in the door and wait for the two lads, Zuppy and Captain Pillowcase man!!!!! Class!!! And thats how P & R made their debut on the Den...mmmmm takes me back a few...aaaahhh.

Had a trip to Manchester and Liverpool last wkd where i went to my mates Birthday. The theme was 'Lady and the Tramp'!! So it was either don the tights and top or Wino Chic all the way... Obviously i couldn't handle the heels so i went for the 'jocks over ol mans pants and thick green football socks covered in Brown sauce and tomato crap with a tag saying 'Tramps & Spencers'!!! Classy.

Twas a good craic no doubt...except one of the lads turned up looking like an '80s throwback..."I just went to the Charity shop and bought a suit...yer man said it were Trampy enough so f*ck it"...Nice one Watson!!!

We're gonna be doing the show from the Airport on Friday so that should be class craic. Hope yez are all well and keep the ears up!!

Cheers Len

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Class Blog Len love your buns